brewery chillers: you don't produce ordinary beer, so why settle for an off-the-shelf chiller?

Drake utilizes over 30 years of heavy duty process cooling experience to produce the right solution for brewers who demand as much from their equipment as they do their brew. Other companies produce a hodgepodge of brewing equipment while Drake’s focus is only the chiller. Drake engineers assure that the correct refrigeration technology is used for your one of a kind application. An off-the-shelf chiller from one of the big manufacturers is designed for seasonal comfort cooling, not the rugged year round requirements of today’s breweries. Let Drake provide the right solution for your brewing needs. 



1) Temperature Control: Brewery chillers require lower temperatures and more accurate temperature controls than a standard comfort cooling chiller. Drake brewery chillers come with two loop re-circulation tanks. These stainless steel tanks provide a consistent glycol temperature under varying conditions. This means a more controlled crash and more consistent process. 

2) Year Round Processing: 
Most comfort cooling chillers are not designed to run in colder weather. Drake provides a variety of low temperature options including the ability to run in ambient temperatures down to -40°F. 

3) Capacity Control: 
Most chillers have two levels of capacity, full on and full off. If your chiller can’t modulate the capacity, the chiller will start and stop frequently. This short cycling will lead to short compressor life. Drake brewery chillers have a number of available capacity controls protecting you from short cycling. 

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most popular chillers in the brewery industry

1-5 barrel system
nano  brewery chiller

7-20 barrel system
 micro brewery chiller

25-5000 barrel system  big boy brewery chiller

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