keeping cool without all of that refrigerant

Chillers eliminate the need for difficult refrigerant plumbing; all of the refrigerant is contained entirely inside the chiller housing. Cheap, easy to use and environmentally safe fluids are used to plumb over long distances and multiple air handlers. Standard chillers can be used for comfort cooling (for air handlers, fan coils, etc.), and we offer both air cooled and water cooled units.  We focus on making chillers with single phase power, capable of handling over 10 tons of cooling. These comfort cooling chillers are designed specially for large residences, such as apartments, mansions, casinos, condos and even marine applications. Drake offers options that are not available in other comfort cooling chillers such as custom sizes, custom dimensions, low ambient protection and redundancy options.


application considerations:

1) Year Round Cooling: Low ambient protection for year-round cooling.  Options include flooded condensers with head pressure control, heated flooded condensers with head pressure control, and evaporator heat tape. This consideration is important for areas that generate heat even in the winter, like data centers, casinos, gyms and warehouses.

2) Coastal/Harsh Environment:  Custom condensers for protection against the harsh salt air.  Stainless steel cabinets are also available for extreme conditions.  Condenser options include Heresite coating, gold fins, and copper fins.

3) High Ambient/Altitude: Over-sized condensers designed for lower air density and higher ambient temperatures.

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High Ambient comfort cooling chiller



Custom High Altitude Single Phase chiller


MArine Application cooling

customize your own chiller