saving a life is a 24/7 job, our chillers will keep it that way

When it comes to medical equipment, everything is held to a higher standard. The generic chiller does not have the consistency nor reliability necessary to run with this much responsibility. This is where Drake steps in. With almost 40 years of industrial chiller experience, we bring our knowledge and engineering expertise to the table when we design, fabricate and test each and every chiller to ensure reliability and ease of operation without sacrificing either.

When it comes to a multi-million dollar investment in an MRI and other equipment, Drake has the knowledge and experience to ensure that you are up and running 24/7.  Drake boasts a healthy group of tech support staff and engineers for customer service, technical problem solving and design. Come to us with your needs, we will do the rest.


Application Considerations:

1) Temperature Accuracy:  Precision medical equipment requires accurate temperature control. The Drake Recirculation system maintains temperature at +/- 1°F. Capacity modulation options allow us to achieve this level of precision without high degrees of compressor cycling, which will cause short component life. Consistent temperature accuracy equals greater up-time for your medical equipment.

2) Reliability: We design with rugged standards and use industry leading components. Drake always has the end customer in mind when designing and fabricating our medical chillers. You can rest comfortably knowing that our medical chillers will maintain a high up-time because of our redundant circuits and other backup systems. Drake has designed these chillers to operate from 120°F ambient all the way down to -40°F without any customer interaction. After the initial set up, the chiller will do the rest. When you are saving lives, the chiller is the last thing you want to worry about.

3) Green Options: Drake takes environmental responsibility seriously. We use only EPA approved refrigerants and the latest in energy efficient compressors. Drake city water bypass operates with no glycol going down the drain. We also offer supplemental fluid coolers, with our medical chiller systems, for reduced energy consumption. We save our environment while you save our lives.

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