Meet the drake Team

Behind everyone of our chillers is a group of really awesome people, all with a “LICENSE TO CHILL!!


Today's refrigeration industry is rapidly changing. Advances in manufacturing, materials, and high-performance computing have introduced new opportunities to provide better machines in the industry. That is why it is crucial for us to establish the right team to stay on the cutting edge of industry advancements. We have four engineers with experience bringing new products and technologies to market. In the past few years we have expanded our product line, introduced enhanced controls and improved application reliability.  Our engineers review every chiller from quoting to start up to make sure it meets the customer's application. At Drake, we realize that our customer needs are varied, and our many years of experience gives us a large library of tools and configurations designed to solve even the most complex cooling needs.


Meet your engineers

License to Chill - Shane.png

Shane O’Donnell
Engineering Manager

License to Chill - George.png

George Eble
CAD Designer

Brendan Smith  Engineer

Brendan Smith



Support Behind Every Sale

We take an integrated approach to every sale and help you understand what chiller will work best for you. We take the time to understand your needs, and we will provide a custom quote for your application. However, the support does not stop at the sale. From startup through routine preventative maintenance, Drake will support the chiller through its entire life cycle. Let our fifty years of experience work for you.


Meet your Sales Team

License to Chill - Travis.png

Travis Reighard

License to Chill - Will.png

Will Wishing


Meet Your Service And Support Team

License to Chill - Tom.png

Tom Bartlett
Technical Support

License to Chill - Matt.png

Matt Negrotti
Technical Support

License to Chill - Marty.png

Marty Squicciarini
General Manager

License to Chill - John.png

John Kurish
Plant Manager

License to Chill - Linda.png

Linda Quirk
Marketing Manager


So whether you are crafting a special brew or launching a rocket into space,
let our experienced team, engineer a solution for you!
We have A License to CHill!