scroll chillers

Most commonly known for its small size, the scroll chiller excels in performing small process that contain up to 200 tons in capacity. Ranging within 20-200 tons of capacity, the scroll chiller can contain up to 4 to 6 scroll compressors based on how big the capacity of production continually increases. The scroll chiller is relatively flexible, if one compressor fails, the chiller is still able to function at a relative rate. Because of its flexibility, there are numerous customizations and models surrounding the scroll chillers, as seen from our large library of models.


  •  Variable modulation for precise temperature control
  • Highly flexible load matching, from 10-100%
  • Less costly and more reliable than variable speed
  • Simple control methods
  • Significantly improved efficiency vs. hot gas bypass and other methods of modulation
  • Linear power reduction relative to modulated capacity
  • Based upon field-proven Copeland Scroll® design


  • Improved load matching capability
  • Reduced compressor cycling
  • Reduced power and energy consumption • Decreased electrical load at startup
  • Can be applied to multiple evaporator systems
  •  Efficient modulation of Copeland Scroll compressors for high, medium & low temperature applications
  •  Low temperature model equipped with vapor injection