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Drake utilizes over 30 years of cooling experience in designing and building chillers for your refrigeration applications.  Other large manufacturers produce off-the-shelf chillers that are designed for comfort cooling, not the tough rigors of year round, low temperature applications.  Drake has been working directly with customers to design economical cooling systems that meet each application’s requirements.  Whether we are providing chilled glycol for walk-in freezers or water for greenhouses our chillers are custom designed for each application.  Let Drake provide the right solution for your custom refrigeration applications.  


application considerations:

1) Capacity Control: Drake understands that refrigeration processes have intermittent heavy to low load operation. Therefore, it is imperative that the chiller is able to meet the changing demand of your application. Digital scrolls, cylinder unloading, and hot gas bypass are just some of the capacity control options that allow for our units to be capable of operating from 17%-100% of available cooling. 

2) Special Component Selection: Certain processes may require special component considerations such as double-walled heat exchangers or PVC fluid piping. Drake offers a seemingly unlimited selection of specified components to meet the needs of your application. 

 3) Redundancy Option: Drake offers a variety of redundancy options to ensure that the refrigeration processes are always chilled when you need it. From multiple refrigeration circuits with standard lead-lag control to auto-changeover pumps, our units are designed to ensure that your process is not halted because of our systems.

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