At Drake, we offer a complete line of compressor power ranging from 1/4 HP to 200HP in a single circuit, dual circuit and even dual circuit tandem arrangements. Our condensers are available in air cooled and water cooled and can be used configured in a split arrangement. Our electronic controls are available to fully programmable, with optional high end touch screens and remote access. We use brazed plate or barrel style evaporators and offer stainless steel pumps, stainless steel tanks, and brazed copper pipes.

Our systems can be built to handle almost any variety of loads, multiple pieces of industrial equipment, narrow temperature bands, near freezing water, low exiting temperatures, low ambient conditions, high ambient, high return temperatures, and corrosive environments.

our chillers

At Drake Chillers, we categorize our chillers into three main departments based on the type of compressor installed within: Water Cooled, Split System, and Air Cooled. To know what chiller is best for your process, it is best to understand the variety of chiller options based on the compressor, the capacity, and the appropriate calculations. Below are three categories that are used to establish the models of the chiller.