cold water...without the ice

Drake chillers take the ice out of food processing. Whether you are using ice to cool your process or ice is forming in your current chiller, we have the solution.  Some companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on ice a month, making the payback period for a chiller less than a year. Other chiller companies struggle with water temperatures below 40°F, due to ice forming in the evaporator. In either case, Drake has the system that solves the ice issues and produces a reliable product faster and more economically. Drake routinely designs custom food processing chiller systems to meet the specific needs of your operation without charging a custom price tag. With a wide range of capacities and system configurations, our chillers for the food processing industry have the dependability and precise temperature control that will meet your cooling needs year after year. 


application considerationS:

1) 42°F+ Potable Water:  Potable water requires double-walled heat exchangers for its anti-contamination properties. Drake has experience with many medium temperature food processes such as cheese, meat and sauce production.  Some other applications may require special component considerations. Drake offers a vast selection of specified components to meet the needs of your application. 

2) 35-41°F+ Ingredient Water: Many food processors, including bakeries, need water between 35°F and 41°F.  Through use of secondary heat exchangers and variable frequency drives (VFDs), our systems have the capability of chilling water to the brink of freezing with the precise controls to keep the process flowing.

3) Glycol Systems: Yogurt, ice cream, chocolate, cold tables and many other processes use food-safe glycol as a method of chilling. Our chillers produce consistent glycol temperatures to keep your product within its specified temperature range.  This ensures zero product spoilage and improved quality to your consumer's table.

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Potable water chiller w/ double-walled evaporator


glycol loop w/secondary heat exchanger


large low temperature glycol system for dough production

Customize your own chiller